Utah DUI Lawyer

With penalties such as a mandatory license suspension, fines, community service, and even imprisonment, a Utah driving under the influence (DUI) conviction can take a significant toll on your life and freedom. Their attorneys are dedicated to the aggressive defense of Utah residents facing drunk-driving charges.Utah DUI Lawyer has helped a number of clients successfully resolve their case in an effort to avoid the serious repercussions associated with a conviction.

Act Now to Save Your Driver's License
Utah drivers only have 10 days after their drunk-driving arrest to request an administrative license hearing—failure to do so will result in the automatic loss of their driving privileges. What makes the situation even more dire is the fact that Utah does not allow DUI offenders to obtain a limited permit so they can drive to work or other necessary locations. Because this requires quick action, please complete their 24-hour case evaluation form, and their attorneys will immediately go to work preparing your driver's license appeal.

Failure to Fight Your DUI Now Will Impact Your Future
You probably already know that a Utah DUI conviction may result in jail time, a license suspension, fines, and substance abuse programs. What you may have failed to take into account is that a DUI conviction will also appear on your permanent criminal record, which can be viewed by potential employers and other members of the public in the future.

The Emotional Side of a Drunk-Driving Charge
Being charged with a crime—especially one as stigmatizing as DUI—can lead many people to feel emotions like anxiety, shame, guilt, and even depression. Fortunately, working with a compassionate attorney who is on your side, and who can clear up much of the uncertainty that comes with navigating the legal system, can go a long way in alleviating these damaging emotions.

An attorney can handle every aspect of your DUI—including your administrative and criminal proceedings—and ensure that you are kept updated every step of the way. After reviewing the facts of your charge, they can help you make the best decisions possible for your case.